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We are a Canadian Company that develops and manufactures all-natural, high quality and effective skin care products for babies, children and adults. 100% Guaranteed!

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The End of Diaper Rash...Naturally!​

Baby Butz natural diaper rash cream is the safest and most effective treatment for diaper rashes.
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Natural Sunscreen for Babies & Adults!

SUNBLOCZ is a 100% all-natural, mineral sunscreen. The formula contains the highest percentage of Zinc Oxide (non-nano) in a base of natural and anti-oxidant ingredients; The result is a safe, natural formula that offers superior sunburn protection for the entire family.
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Natural Skin Cream with Zinc-Oxide.

Helps treat all types of skin problems. Most Effective Skin Rash Treatment, Relief and Prevention.
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Client Testimonial

  • About Baby Butz from Amazon; This stuff is pure magic. I apply this on whenever my son has a diaper rash and the next diaper I change, poof! Gone. It is very very thick so you have to really scoop it out with your hand but I don't mind it because it stays on and really heals their sensitive areas.

  • About Baby Butz from Amazon; When nothing else worked on my newborn’s diaper rash, this did the trick in two days, with a huge improvement in just hours. I was amazed and relieved. It is super thick and stays put between diaper changes. I think that’s the reason other similar products don’t work as well. I highly recommend it!!! And we haven’t had a rash since. Probably a coincidence, but still!

  • About Sunblocz from Amazon; Finally, a natural sunscreen that is actually "natural' and actually works! Living in Phoenix where sunscreen is needed year-round, this product has truly been a lifesaver!

  • About Sunblocz from Amazon; Sunblocz is 100% natural, it is not oily, and it smells INCREDIBLE! I love that it is safe for babies, and older, there are so many additives in other sunscreens, I hate applying them. It is water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive skin. The bonus is that it acts as a bug repellant, AND it will not sting eyes if your kids get it in them from rubbing their eyes or something.

  • About Supraderm from Amazon; This cream should always be on hand - a jar in the bathroom and a jar under the kitchen sink. It isn't a moisturizer, but if you put it on with a moisturizer and use rubber gloves to do the pots and pans, your hands will be softer.