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15 excuses when you wear the same outfit

Yes, you saw me wearing this outfit yesterday. And probably last week, too. And I’m wearing it again today. Heads up, you’ll likely be seeing a lot of this winning fashion combo in the coming weeks and months.


Why? Well…

  • I spend all my money on my kids’ wardrobes, which doesn’t leave any leftovers for me. So they’re stylin’ while my look is sufferin’.
  • I’m modeling myself after Kate Middleton, who wears her clothes more than once. And she’s a fashion goddess.
  • I already did laundry for like 16 hours today, and that just covered towels and baby clothes. Mine’ll have to wait, again.
  • I had about 20 seconds to get dressed this morning, because I was interrupted by an emergent potty accident. It involved a mattress, so take pity on me, I beg of you.
  • Only about 7 percent of the shirts I own flatter my midsection after three kids, so my options are limited.
  • Nobody wants me to pull out my old low-rise jeans. Nobody.
  • I haven’t had a moment to think, let alone contemplate the evolution of my personal style, in over 7 years since becoming a mom.
  • Same outfit collage
  • Me wearing the same black sweater and/or jeans over the past 7 years.
  • I happen to think this dull gray sweatshirt brings out the dark circles under my eyes.
  • Why put on a new outfit when you didn’t have time to shower? Relax, I’m wearing deodorant. Oh, wait. I’m not. BRB.
  • I’m saving my really impressive outfits for a special occasion. Like going to Target.
  • I heard ’90s grunge is making a comeback. Okay, I’m trying to bring it back.
  • The last time I put on a really nice top, it was covered in oatmeal and snot within 40 seconds, so why bother?
  • I refuse to waste my black pants on picking my kids up from school. Plus they kind of cut off my circulation.
  • Why mess with what’s so clearly working?!
  • Ben Affleck once checked me out when I was wearing this very outfit! Fine, he didn’t. But he might, okay?
  • Hey listen, I’ve come to terms with the reality that I’m not, nor am I ever going to be, a fashion icon. It just isn’t that important to me to keep up
  • with the latest trends now that I have kids. Besides, in my view, jeans and a gray or black top that fits, are timeless.

Ultimately, my aim when it comes to my everyday attire is simple: to change out of my pajamas, and if I pull that off, I call it a victory. So get used to seeing me in this get-up, because it’s not going anywhere.

What’s your excuse for wearing the same outfit all the time?

Meanwhile, I love jeans but my kids won’t wear ’em! Instead, you’ll find them sporting…

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