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Recommend it to everyone I know.

I first of all want to say you were missed this year at the baby times show in Toronto. I am a proud momma to say this miracle cream is the best. Not only do I use it on my two daughters little bum but on myself. I feel obligated to recommend it to everyone […]

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All-natural soothing cream hitting shelves

Majda Ficko was initially going to keep Baby Butz cream to herself. But after she realized the cream could be a major benefit to others, the East St. Paul businesswoman opted to make the product easily accessible. Ficko’s 16-year-old son, Demitri, has Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare genetic developmental disorder that has allowed him […]

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Covering babies’ Butz, GLOBALLY

She’s already won over some of Canada’s leading grocery and pharmacy chains, and now the local creator of a diaper-rash cream is being courted by distributors from some of the world’s largest overseas markets. Madja Ficko, who still runs her Olen Cosmetics Corporation out of her East St. Paul home, said four distributors are vying […]

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I want to tell everyone about your cream!!!!

Thank you so much for making this product!!!! We have 10 1/2 month old twins and I was very proud that they had never got a diaper rash. Then my daughter got one, poor thing, it was so raw and sore!!! I noticed a difference with the first application of Baby Butz!!! And within a […]

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Passing on the news

It has been so difficult searching for a product like yours…I only wish I had found it for my son!  My daughter is only 4 weeks old, and I have to tell you, its been emotionally draining going through this with her as well…but so relieving to have found that your product has solved our […]

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“What a Blessing”

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating this product 🙂 I am a mom of two, both of whom are highly sensitive to products containing scent, dyes, and preservatives…and forget about products with “natural ingredients” such as vitamin E or extracts added, as they add to the problem! I struggled through […]

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We have been using BabyButz since my son was born

A month or so ago, we ran out of Baby Butz and I thought we’d use up some of the other creams we had at home. Within days he had started to get a rash and no other creams would work. We bought another tub of Baby Butz and overnight his skin cleared up. Amazing. […]

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Happy 16th Birthday Demitri!

My forever baby, Who would have thought this was possible…not the Doctors…not the nurses…not even me. I remember the first three years of your life as a constant blur of medical emergencies, hospital stays and life and death decisions. Your instinct for survival is amazing…every time we received a prognosis that was not good you […]

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30Second Mom Loves This

Some more great reviews from 30 Second Mom. 30Second Mom Loves This Review by 30Second Mom Cheryl Leahy Review by 30Second Mom Melanie Bierlein

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This is amazing stuff I use it everyday at home!

My baby was in the NICU in HSC and she had a bad rash, a mom donated a box and my baby was the “test bum”! This is amazing stuff I use it everyday at home! Crystal

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