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We have been using BabyButz since my son was born

A month or so ago, we ran out of Baby Butz and I thought we’d use up some of the other creams we had at home. Within days he had started to get a rash and no other creams would work. We bought another tub of Baby Butz and overnight his skin cleared up. Amazing. […]

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Happy 16th Birthday Demitri!

My forever baby, Who would have thought this was possible…not the Doctors…not the nurses…not even me. I remember the first three years of your life as a constant blur of medical emergencies, hospital stays and life and death decisions. Your instinct for survival is amazing…every time we received a prognosis that was not good you […]

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30Second Mom Loves This

Some more great reviews from 30 Second Mom. 30Second Mom Loves This Review by 30Second Mom Cheryl Leahy Review by 30Second Mom Melanie Bierlein

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This is amazing stuff I use it everyday at home!

My baby was in the NICU in HSC and she had a bad rash, a mom donated a box and my baby was the “test bum”! This is amazing stuff I use it everyday at home! Crystal

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Miracle cream…

My poor 10 mth old had a nasty flu with loose stool for 4 days! I didn’t have my tub of cream with me because we were at the farm for Easter. She was so swollen and her skin was cracked and weeping. She screamed everytime I changed her… I gave her over 20 baths […]

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I seriously love this product!

I seriously love this product! My daughter had some very serious bum rashes and it was prescription after prescription bum creams for her. I heard about baby butz while watching t.v. one day and I bought some online. To my suprise, it worked! I love that at the first sign of a rash I can […]

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