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Baby Butz on CTV

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Ezeebuxs – Review

    We know how delicate baby butts are and there can be frequent occurrences of diaper rash.We want to use the best diaper rash cream on our babies bottoms that gentle and most important all natural. There is lot on the market to choose from .I feel that Baby Butz Cream is a great […]

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Happy Green Baby – Review

    The cream worked great, and my little one who happens to be very picky about creams, had no complaints.  The cream took away any redness within hours which is awesome. The cream is a big thick, so it is easy to use too much until you get use to it, but really that […]

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Japanfam Giveaway- Review

Diaper rash – yuck yuck yuckity yuck! And ouch! Of course the ultimate goal is to prevent it (and if/when it occurs, to heal it ASAP), but are you willing to lather your baby’s bottom with all sorts of chemicals to do so!? I certainly am not! I know a lot of moms who smear […]

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Kelly’s Thoughts On Things – Review

      When I received this product, it really came at just the right time, Devon had a rash that was not responding to other treatments. When I applied the cream to him, I could really feel the difference in this cream. It is somewhat thicker then the normal brand we use. There was […]

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Giveaway Train – Review

  I used the Baby Butz cream during Kira’s last episode of loose stool and it help “calm” the redness…and by the morning her buns “felt” much better. Read the full review here

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