More and more parents are choosing all natural baby products these days. In today’s blog we talk about some of the reasons for this.

There is no denying that parents are fed up with all of the chemicals in the cosmetics and products that we use on our children.

In the last few years the trend has been moving towards more all-natural and less chemical packed products with names that you cannot even pronounce!

1. More information

It is safe to say that one of the main reasons is because people are just more educated.

Now that we can freely share information using the internet and social media, people are generally more aware of the dangerous and sometimes toxic ingredients in the products that we use every day.

2. Easy to understand ingredient lists

It also appears that parents prefer simpler products with ingredients that they understand in them.

It is refreshing to look at a list of ingredients and know exactly what each thing is. It is also easier to understand the benefits of having an ingredient included in a cosmetic product, when you know what that product is. It just makes more sense!

3. Sensitivities and allergies

Another reason why more people seem to be increasingly conscious about the ingredients in their baby products is because of skin sensitivities and allergies.

When your L.O has sensitive skin the chances of them reacting to the ingredient in a product is much less when the product is composed and natural ingredients. Not to mention, if they turn out to be allergic or react to the product the process of elimination as to what ingredient caused the reaction is much easier because the contents of the product are simple!

4. Better for the environment and for baby!

Finally, the final reason why parents tend to be choosing natural baby products over others is because of the environmental impact.

With all of the available information about how certain chemicals are harmful for the environment, people feel are more becoming more responsible about not using these products. Also, there is the logic of knowing that if it is bad for the environment, it is probably bad for us and our babies.

Throughout the last few years natural baby products are growing in popularity. An increasing amount of people are seeing the value in investing in products that are made up of easy to understand ingredients. As more parents become aware of the benefits of choosing baby products with minimal chemical components this trend will likely continue to increase. Who knows, in just a few years natural chemical free baby products could be the norm?