About Us and Our Product:

Baby Butz natural diaper rash cream is the safest
and most effective treatment for diaper rashes.

What is Baby Butz cream?

Baby Butz’ zinc cream is both a barrier and healing treatment for diaper rashes. Baby Butz diaper rash cream prevents and heals most rashes in 4-6 hours.
Made from 100% All-Natural Ingredients and licensed as a Natural Health Product. Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available
without a prescription. Baby Butz cream is a product manufactured in Canada by Olen Skin Care Corporation.

Why is Baby Butz cream better than any other diaper rash cream?

  • Heals diaper rashes in 4-6 hours!
  • 100% Natural. Does not contain perfume, alcohol or chemicals
  • Has a thick, creamy consistency that adheres to the skin to protect and heal
  • Will immediately stop the pain
  • Provides complete overnight protection, parents can sleep soundly knowing baby will not have diaper rash in the morning
  • Applied at every diaper change guarantees that your child will never develop diaper rash
  • Has passed the stringent requirements to be approved as a Natural Health Product
  • Baby Butz diaper rash cream is used in hospital neonatal units
  • Pediatricians recommend Baby Butz cream and provide samples to patients
  • 100% Guaranteed

What is an NPN and Why is it Important?

The Natural Product Number (NPN) is an eight digit license number located on the product label. This number means the product has been
assessed by Health Canada and deemed to be an all natural product that is safe, effective and of high quality.

Can I use Baby Butz cream on Cloth Diapers?

It is recommended that you use a disposable or reusable liner when you use any skin care product when you cloth diaper.
Baby Butz diaper rash cream sticks to the skin so your baby has maximum protection and a small amount will stick to the diaper.
A liner provides a solution but if there is still a concern for the cloth diaper, an easy solution is to swap out to a disposable diaper until the rash has cleared.