You may have heard other mom’s talk about their baby’s
diaper rash, and you’ve probably heard and read things online and in parenting
magazines about it, only to realize that your baby has never had it. That’s a
good thing; consider yourself and your baby lucky.

While diaper rash is pretty common in babies and
toddlers that wear diapers, it’s not something that every single child gets.
Usually caused by things that irritate skin, certain products can tend to
aggravate it, such as harsh chemicals in soaps and creams, or diapers that
don’t quite fit right. If you don’t use these types of products, chances are
good your baby may just be diaper rash free, and that’s a good thing as well.

Remember also that just like adults, babies are all
different. Some have sensitive skin and will fight constant bouts of diaper
rash, while others may never get it despite the use of harsh products and other
causes. Either way, you don’t have to worry. If you’re baby gets diaper rash,
there are all-natural remedies, such as Baby Butz cream, and if they don’t,
they are certainly normal as well. Diaper rash is painful but not life threatening,
and it is common in children that wear diapers.