Last week I shared this picture from and the Facebook feed went crazy. I am fairly certain it was Baby Butz most shared social media post ever! Since it was so popular, and because I am also the parent of a 2 year old toddler I have decided to write my own. Without further ado Baby Butz version of 35 MORE Things All Toddlers Will Lose Their Sh*** about Today:


1. They woke up in the middle of the night and you put them back in their bed.

2. Their blanket is too soft

3. The nightlight has to be plugged in

4. All of their toys are not in their bed

5. The bottle they wanted is the wrong color

6. They can’t have fruit snacks for breakfast

7. Their banana is cut into pieces- they wanted to eat it whole

8. Mom closed the bathroom door

9. That sharp object they got their hands on was taken away

10. They can’t lick the light socket

11. The dog food dish is not a toy

12. The dog is not a toy

13. They have to keep the tub water in the tub


14. Dad is putting his shoes on

15. Can’t go outside naked

16. Wants to go outside really bad, it is minus -40 outside

17. Mom is vacuuming

18. Hid their favorite toy, can’t remember where

19. You turned off Pharrell William’s “Happy”, only heard it 92 times today!

20. The song they DON’T like just came on


21. Has to go in car seat, can’t drive the car

22. Mommy is sitting down

23. Eating dinner off of Toy Story Plate, Can’t See Buzz under the noodles

24. There is chicken on their plate

25. The pickle didn’t taste good

26. You took away the pickle

27. The moon is gone.

28. Drove by the park because it is the only way to the grocery store

29. Mommy has something that they don’t have

30. Didn’t let them ring the doorbell

31. Turned off the cartoon that they have watched 10 times already

32. Bedtime was mentioned

33. The wrong parent tucked them in

34. Nana and Papa aren’t there all of the time

35. You got out of their bed- now they have to sleep alone.


Can anyone relate to these ones? Why not share your own lists with us on Facebook!

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