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Happy 16th Birthday Demitri!

My forever baby,

Who would have thought this was possible…not the Doctors…not the nurses…not even me. I remember the first three years of your life as a constant blur of medical emergencies, hospital stays and life and death decisions.

Your instinct for survival is amazing…every time we received a prognosis that was not good you always pulled through and surprised everyone. I believe that one of the reasons you fight so hard to live is because you know you are loved and wanted…plus… you are a tough kid (just like your mom)

Many Doctors told me that you would not live…against all odds, you continue to prove them wrong

I was told that you would not have any quality of life…I know it’s not true…you have provided quality in MY life and the lives of everyone who has known you and if it wasn’t for you, I would never have developed a product that would help so many other children. That is your legacy.

Even though you can’t understand the words I say to you…I know you can feel them. I am so proud to have you as my son.

Happy Birthday my “Honey Bunny”, I love you forever



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  1. Mike Dunbar says:


    Happy Birthday to Demitri! We’re happy to see the number of pharmacies and stores offering Baby Butz grow and grow.

    One of our young mothers here at Commport introduced Baby Butz to her daycare provider and now it’s always in stock to take care of some “butz”.

    Hope Demitri was spoiled and continued success to you.

    Your friends at Commport.

  2. LisaMarie says:

    Touching story.. 😉 brought a tear to my eye. Happy 16th Demitri .. You certainly have proven the more strength then any man Ive ever known.. 🙂

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