baby on backYou have probably read all about the kinds of foods you should and shouldn’t feed your children, and with all the artificial colours and flavourings there are out there, deciding which is best can be tough. You probably already know not to feed your child harsh chemicals.

Did you know there are other chemical threats to your child besides what they ingest? Things such as diaper creams, powders, so called baby soaps and other products that you put on your baby’s skin can be just as damaging as medicines or foods that are labelled unsafe for consumption.

You should practice the same habits with other products as you do with things you put in your baby’s mouth. Read ingredient labels. Look for words such as “natural”, “alcohol free”, and “fragrance free” on labels. If you see a long list of things you don’t recognize (more common than in foods), you should at the very least question if is safe for you to use on your child. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you simply do not know.

Many parents unknowingly put their babies at risk every day simply because they don’t know any better. Don’t be one of those parents, you are now empowered with some great information so you can make informed decisions.