Every parent wants what is best for their child, but these days knowing what natural baby products are the best is difficult!


Marketers who sell cosmetics for babies have taken notice to fact that parents are becoming more picky about what chemicals they expose their children to. However, instead of changing the products themselves, they are simply changing the labels! Would you believe that not all products with labels that say “natural” “organic” “non-toxic” and “natural ingredients” are actually completely natural, organic, non-toxic and made with ONLY natural ingredients?


It seems certain cosmetic companies have began advertising that their baby products contain “natural” and “organic” substances – but if you look at the label you will see that only some of the ingredients are. They also use imagery and color schemes that suggest the product is healthy and natural, while really it is just a slight re-imagining of their original product. To make things even more sketchy, some of these companies even charge more for the “natural” and “organic” product line. The only thing that they have figured out about the movement towards more cosmetics with fewer chemicals is that people are willing to pay for the best natural baby products.


If this is the first you are hearing about this, you may feel slightly outraged. Especially if you have been buying these so called “natural baby products” thinking that they were 100% safe. New studies have shown that some of the chemicals found in common baby product brands can be harmful (possibly cancer causing) in large concentrations. Before you go into a frenzy though, keep in mind that the amount of exposure would have to be substantial. That said, there are many other good reasons to stay away from baby products with unnatural ingredients in them besides cancer concerns for instance:


• Babies tend to have more sensitive skin and the chemicals in these products can be irritating.

• The scents and dyes in some of these products can cause allergic reactions.

• Baby washes with soapy detergents can dry out the skin and scalp

• Some baby products include hormone disrupters that can effect healthy development

• Not all of the ingredients in these products are regulated – you cannot be certain if they are safe.


By making an effort to choose natural baby products, you can be certain that your baby isprotected from the potential cancer causing chemicals.


You can also avoid unpleasant skin irritation and potential allergic reactions.


Why you can’t trust the label – finding the best baby products on the market!

Finding the best baby products with truly natural ingredients requires a bit of conscious shopping. Parents, who are truly concerned about the chemicals that their infants come into contact with, need to become label reading detectives. This is truly the only way to assure that your child is protected.


We’ve included a list of tips to help parents determine whether or not a baby product is potentially harmful.


Look at the actual ingredient list!


Don’t trust what the front of the bottle says! As we mentioned marketers will try to trick you by advertising that the baby product contains natural substances.


Know that containing some natural ingredients and being 100% all natural is very different. The only when to know for sure is to look at the list and see for yourself.


Not sure what is in it? Avoid preservatives, heavy scents and dyes.


When looking at the ingredients list try to decipher what ingredient is. Watch out for substances that can be identified as heavy preservatives, scents or dyes. For example: Red-4 would be a dye, Benzaldehyde is a synthetic fragrance.


Also know that some natural fragrances can also be harmful for little ones because they disrupt natural hormones. This is true of essential oils and naturally occurring perfumes.

The fewer ingredients the better –


In Canada the best way to tell if a baby product is all natural is to look for the telling NPN product number. Read more about the Natural Product Number.


Long complicated ingredient lists can be the first telling sign that the product is not natural. Simple products with substances that are easy to understand are the best way to go. If none are available you may even want to consider learning how to make your own. Making your own simply baby cosmetics is a great way to assure that your baby never comes into contact with dangerous chemicals.


How Worried do I Need to Be About Harmful Chemicals in My Baby Products?

At the end of the day if you keep a few common baby products around the house you don’t need to beat yourself up. However, it is wise to choose natural baby products whenever possible if you can. The small extra price (if there is any) is well worth the peace of mind of knowing that you are not potentially exposing your baby to cancer causing chemicals. It is a known fact that truly natural baby products are easier on baby’s new skin. Next time you are wandering the baby product aisle and you get to the section with the all of the tan and green bottles, be careful. Take the extra minute to read the ingredients on the back of the bottle and see if that product is truly natural.


Know that many of the larger corporations who manufacture baby products are more concerned with their bottom line than they are with what comes into contact with your infant. This is why smaller more ethical baby cosmetic companies have emerged to provide a wider variety of options for conscious parents. The prices may be slightly higher because of the manufacturing costs and shorter shelf life without preservatives but the quality and care put into them is much higher.[:]