It is becoming increasingly more common for new parents to take the minimalistic approach to early parenting. This means that instead of creating a fancy nursery oversupplied with baby goodies, parents are saving money by going minimalistic.

This is a great approach if you are living in tight quarters, have many children already, or are just looking to simplify your life. Today, we are going to share what things you REALLY need to survive the first 6 months or so.


A playpen that doubles as a bassinet, changing table, and a crib later on!

This multi-purpose invention will become the place where you put the baby. Whoever, thought of it is pretty much a genius in my eyes. Put this in the nursery or your bedroom at night and bring it out to the living space with you during the day. The portability is a BIG selling feature. Oh and did I mention it is much cheaper than buying a crib, bassinet, and change table separately!

As for bedding, newborns just need a sheet- and a cozy sleep sack.


A Mobile Changing Station

We have become huge fans of the mobile changing station: A portable basket with all of your changing goodies, diapers, wipes, and baby butz diaper rash cream– with a washable changing pad. You simply bring this with you into the room where you and baby are relaxing. Then, you are all set up. Easy diaper changes, no changing table yet again! This is way too convenient!


Two Glass Baby Bottles

Don’t want to deal with an endless amount of baby bottles to sanitize and wash over and over again? How about you try starting out with just two that you alternate! This is insane. Just two?

If you are breastfeeding full time you don’t need any! Unless you are pumping- then two it is! Choose glass because they are easier to sanitize!

3 Pack Baby Footed Sleepers

         A Few Cozy Sleepers 

If you can resist the temptation to buy every cute “hipster” baby fashion and make do with only a few sleepers and onesies you will save loads of money. Reducing your L.O’s wardrobe is a practical way to save time doing laundry also.

Newborn babies grow very quickly and because of this they outgrow their early wardrobe in the blink of an eye. This is why it is actually fairly smart to start with a very practical approach when buying clothes for your newborn.

photo credit: christinakessler via photopin cc
photo credit: christinakessler via photopin cc


Some people would argue that you need lots of stimulating toys for your newborn. We are going to disagree! Maybe a colorful book and a mobile to hang over them- but other than that you can really get by without. Instead show your infant household objects and pictures to entertain them. Sing and speak using your own voice.

Save the toy clutter until they can sit up, hold things, and actually play. This will relieve you from buying toys for early infanthood that barely get any use.

Could you survive with such few items for your newborn baby? What do you think of this minimalistic approach? What were your must have items for the early months? Tell us on Facebook!