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Nobody Wants Their Baby To Have A Diaper Rash!

I mentioned before that in my family we are currently using disposables. Although I believe in the value behind cloth diapering, especially the avoidance of chemicals and the “green” factor, it just wasn’t something that we were able to do because we were renting when our son was born.

In our last few posts, we have been discussing the common belief that babies who are cloth diapered do not get diaper rashes. Obviously this is not true, not matter whether or not you choose cloth or use disposables your infant may still get a diaper rash. Some babies are more prone to these rashes than others. However, if you do choose to use cloth diapering then you should know that cloth diapers are not nearly as efficient at absorbing moisture. This means your risk level for skin irritation and these rashes is slightly elevated, especially when your baby wets him or her self during the night. One easy way to troubleshoot this is to use Baby Butz diaper rash cream at night before you put your L.O down for bed. If they do happen to wet their diaper while sleeping the ingredients in Baby Butz will help to protect the skin. So, you will not have to worry about your baby waking up with a painful rash in the morning.

We’ve mentioned many times before on this blog that one of the main ingredients in Baby Butz is zinc. Zinc is naturally soothing and healthy for the skin. There is absolutely no such thing as too much zinc!

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Other Diaper Rash Healing Tips For Cloth Diapering

What if despite your best intentions your baby still gets a diaper rash while wearing their cloth diaper? First of all do not worry diaper rashes, even though they are unpleasant, they are quite common and normal.

The best thing to do is to take preventative actions as soon as you see the first signs of irritation so that the rash does not get worse. Start by removing the moist diaper and cleaning the area with soap and water- a warm bath may even be nice. Then, dry your little one’s bum completely. Be gentle because the rash area can be extremely sore. Apply diaper rash cream that contains zinc and put on a fresh clean diaper! Voila- you’ve done the best thing that you can do for a mild diaper rash.

However, if you are continuing to cloth diaper while your child has the rash make sure that you check the diaper frequently and apply the cream at every change. If at all possible consider using liners in your cloth diapers so that the moisture is not directly contacting the skin for extended periods of time. If you find the rash continues to get worse consider using a disposable for a brief period until the rash does heal. If you are concerned about the zinc staining the fabrics choose a few light colored cloth diapers to set aside as your “rash diapers” so that you can really lather on the cream without worrying at all.

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