Swimming and Diaper Rash 
Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She Has A Diaper Rash?
Generally, if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated pool until it is cleared up. Chances are the chlorine will irritate the rash and make their poor bum extra sore.

Being that it’s summer and pool season again we are getting a lot of inquiries about swimming and diaper rash. 

If baby has a rash and you decide to go swimming, make sure that you apply a good layer of Baby Butz cream before putting their swim diaper on.

If you notice that your little one’s tush develops a rash after swimming, try applying Baby Butz cream immediately when you change them at the pool. This should help clear up the rash in no time!

If you are swimming in a non-chlorinated pool, for instance, playing in a backyard pool, then it is generally okay to let your little one splash even if they have a bit of a rash. Putting them in some cool water may even help relieve some of the burning feelings and calm them down if the irritation is really bad.

It is extremely important that you dab dry the area and apply your Baby Butz cream immediately after you finish swimming! Letting your little one sit in a wet swimsuit when they have a diaper rash will only make it worse!

If you are planning on spending the summer outside and playing in the pool a lot then it may be a good idea to stock up on Baby Butz. Applying Baby Butz diaper rash cream before spending the day outside in the water will help to assure that your little one stays rash free and happy!

Don’t forget to apply our Sunblocz Sunscreen – SUNBLOCZ is 50+ SPF, and Broad Spectrum (meaning it serves to protect both UVA & UVB!). We are also CORAL REEF SAFE, Leaping Bunny Certified, Rated #1 by EWG, and hypoallergenic!

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