Swimming and Diaper Rashes What You Need to Know

Swimming and Diaper Rash Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She Has A Diaper Rash?Generally, if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated pool until it is cleared up. Chances are the chlorine will irritate the rash and make their poor […]


Being a mom is one of the most rewarding but also challenging jobs in the world. When you are facing a crying newborn with little experience, life can get extremely chaotic and overwhelming. We have hand picked some great tips to reduce your anxiety and make you better prepared for possible baby crisis. 1.Your baby […]

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Raising a child is a long journey with many hurdles to over come. One of the most difficult tasks is teaching your newborn to sleep through the night. It’s not only essential to the baby’s growth and development, but also essential to your quality of life for a few years’ time. There are many tips […]

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

Since Johnson & Johnson’s first mass-marketing in 1948, disposable diaper has become a daily essential to babies and their parents. It was a great modern invention that saved young parents the pain and mess in dealing with soiled cloth diapers. In recent years, however, cloth diapers are making a come back as more and more […]

Wanna Free Baby Butz and Sunblocz?

Interested in a free jar of Baby Butz or a free tube of Sunblocz? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and leave a comment below the promo posts. If chosen, all you need to do is go on that social media platform from which you were picked, and post 1) an image of […]

Bad Diaper Rash: How not to treat your baby’s diaper rash

We’ve all heard the expression “soft as a baby’s bottom” as a comparison to something new and fresh – however, when your little one has a bad diaper rash flare up it is more like “red as a baby’s bottom” or “sore as a baby’s bottom. For a mother, there is nothing more unnerving than […]

Happy Father’s Day!

FATHER stands for Funny, Amazing, Thoughtful, Happy, Earnest and Reliable. You are and always will be the special one for your family.   In honour of all of the amazing fathers out there, we want to wish all you dads a Happy Father’s Day! Have a fabulous weekend. [:]

Watch the review on Baby Butz cream posted on body and health

We were invited to review this Baby Butz cream but unless I can convince my aching body, leaking bladder and overworked husband that having another child is a good idea then there are no butz in this house younger than 5. However we do have a few different skin issues especially with my youngest who […]

How to Choose The Best Natural Baby Products for Your Little One

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but these days knowing what natural baby products are the best is difficult!   Marketers who sell cosmetics for babies have taken notice to fact that parents are becoming more picky about what chemicals they expose their children to. However, instead of changing the products themselves, […]