A Sweet Potato Pie – Review

    Lately with my 2 year old, she is now potty trained but right before she was potty trained, she got this diaper rash that I could not shake. I tried all my creams and even now natural remedies and nothing seemed to help. The rash started to spread but I got the Baby […]

Happy Green Baby – Review

    The cream worked great, and my little one who happens to be very picky about creams, had no complaints.  The cream took away any redness within hours which is awesome. The cream is a big thick, so it is easy to use too much until you get use to it, but really that […]

Giveaway Train – Review

  I used the Baby Butz cream during Kira’s last episode of loose stool and it help “calm” the redness…and by the morning her buns “felt” much better. Read the full review here

Saving Common Cents – Review

Your baby’s butt is possibly the cutest and softest rear end out there   There are plenty of diaper rash creams, ointments, and other baby butt protecting formulas to choose from, but if you are looking for a 100% natural and safe alternative, you’ll love Baby Butz Cream! You’ll feel better about not lathering your […]

Fun With Four – Review

    I love anything that’s natural, especially when it comes to products for my children.  Baby Butz Cream is 100% natural and the safest and most effective diaper rash cream available without a prescription! Read More about this review here

Griffins Honey Blog – Review

Baby Butz cream is a product that all/most new parents want and need. It is an award winning, licensed, 100% natural diaper rash cream. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and is both more safe and effective than the big commercial brands. Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available […]

Woman of Many Roles – Review

All my children have sensitive skin and thus have always been susceptible to diaper rashes.  Effective over-the-counter treatments have been hard to find, and prescription creams are expensive and not always convenient to acquire.  Baby Butz cream has been a lifesaver! Click here for the full review

Just Add Cloth – Review

Certain ingredients can encourage repelling in your diapers, causing leaks. This can even happen in disposable diapers with enough cream! One of the bigger culprits is fish oils and overuse of mineral oil. Avoiding these ingredients in favor of plant based oils and butters can help you circumvent this common issue with your diapers. One […]

Baby Butz, Tips For A Stress Free Diaper Change

photo credit: Amy L. Riddle via photopin cc My Own Experience Changing Diapers One thing I have learnt in the last few months is that as your baby gets older diaper changes go from being “easy breezy” to an absolute battle. My son Jack, absolute loathes disruptive bum changes when he is playing. He will […]

Baby Butz, Why All Natural Bum Cream Works!

How The All Natural Zinc Helps Heal Your Baby’s Bottom In our last blog post we were discussing the sometimes-complicated difference between all natural and organic products labels. Obviously, we can see that sometimes manufactures marketing can be a bit misleading. This can be frustrating for moms, like us, who are just trying to stay […]