How to Choose The Best Natural Baby Products for Your Little One

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but these days knowing what natural baby products are the best is difficult!   Marketers who sell cosmetics for babies have taken notice to fact that parents are becoming more picky about what chemicals they expose their children to. However, instead of changing the products themselves, […]

Swimming and Diaper Rashes What You Need to Know

Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She Has A Diaper Rash? Being that it is almost pool season again we are getting a lot of inquiries about swimming and diaper rash.  Generally if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated […]

Removing Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream Carpets Or Other Surfaces

In our last blog post we provided step-by-step instructions about how to remove Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream from cloth diapers or other fabrics. Another common question we receive from Baby Butz fans is how to get our diaper rash cream out of the carpet. How To Get Those Diaper Rash Cream Stains Out of […]

Create Your Own Portable Diaper Changing Station

  In case you are just joining us right now, a portable changing station is a change station that is not stationary. Basically, it comes with you all around the house and makes diaper chasing a hassle-free breeze. I have mentioned my love for our portable change station a few times before. Today, I’ll show […]

Giveaway Train – Review

  I used the Baby Butz cream during Kira’s last episode of loose stool and it help “calm” the redness…and by the morning her buns “felt” much better. Read the full review here

Preventing Diaper Rash, A Guide For Cloth Diapering Moms

Nobody Wants Their Baby To Have A Diaper Rash! I mentioned before that in my family we are currently using disposables. Although I believe in the value behind cloth diapering, especially the avoidance of chemicals and the “green” factor, it just wasn’t something that we were able to do because we were renting when our […]