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The Story behind Olen’s Logo Animals

If you’ve been using Baby Butz Cream and Sunblocz or browsing through our website, you may already be familiar with our faces. 

We are the logo animal mascots for Olen. Besides being absolutely adorable (thank you very much, we totally agree with you), there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the reason why we were selected.


I represent Baby Butz, a wondrous cream for healing and preventing painful diaper rash. Like a baby, my body is delicate and soft. But fortunately, I’ve also got a strong shell that protects me from harm (as well as giving me the best mobile housing option on the planet, but that’s for another time). 

Baby Butz cream may be soft and gentle, but don’t underestimate the strength of protection it provides for your baby’s delicate skin. Just like my shell, it can always be relied upon to shield from painful rashes.

Not only am I the perfect embodiment of Baby Butz,  I’m considered a symbol of motherhood and creation!  Various cultures also view me as a symbols of wisdom, patience and protection.

So next time you see me on your Baby Butz jar, smile!


I am the logo animal mascot for Sunblocz. From name “hippopotamus” you could tell how I was named: “hippos” for horse, and “potamos” for river. People see me as a river horse, which isn’t far from the truth. 

I come from Africa where the sun is blazing hot. To stay cool, I spend most of my time during the day soaked in the river. While the water keeps me cool, it is unable to filter out the harmful UV rays. But oh, clever clever me! I just happen to know how to make my own sunscreen!

My sweat, which is red in colour, forms a coat of protection that is waterproof, so I can soak all day long! It also acts as a natural sunblock that keeps my skin healthy. The exact chemical components and how they work together still baffle the scientists. So until that’s figured out, I recommend the 100% all-natural Sunblocz that will do the same for you.

So, spread a layer of Sunblocz on you and your kid’s skin and join me on a sun-bathing session, or better still, let’s have some splashing fun!

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