I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating this product 🙂 I am a mom
of two, both of whom are highly sensitive to products containing scent, dyes,
and preservatives…and forget about products with “natural ingredients” such as
vitamin E or extracts added, as they add to the problem! I struggled through my
son’s sensitivities for five years, only to find minimal relief from
prescription salves. With my newborn, we became aware of her immediate
sensitivities shortly after birth when we attempted to use baby wipes on her in
hospital. Immediately we had a very inflamed bottom to deal with, and none of
the other stand-by salves worked. In desperation I began the search for
something to ease my little one’s discomfort & on our first visit to my
pediatrician, saw the sign advertising Baby Butz. Within two days, her raw and
red bottom cleared, and we have had no issues since! What a blessing 🙂 There is
nothing worse as a parent than to have your baby crying and raw over an
irritated bottom, knowing that every change caused so much discomfort, and have
nothing to soothe them. Thank you so much for Baby Butz, as it has made a world
of difference in our house!

Colleen Neufeld